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Gijsbrecht Leytens

Winter landscape animated with villagers

Winter landscape animated with villagers
Panel - 48 x 74 cm
Snow landscapes


  • Private collection, France



Fifty years ago, this painter was still known as the ‘Master of Winter Landscapes’. He has now been clearly identified, and this Winter...

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Literature : Yvonne Thiery, Les Peintres flamands de paysage au XVIIe siècle: des précurseurs à Rubens, published by Lefèbvre et Gillet, Brussels, 1988.

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1586 – Antwerp – 1656

The work of Gijsbrecht Leytens was formerly attributed to an anonymous painter,  the Master of Winter Landscapes.
We now know that the painter, identified thanks to a painting...

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Winter landscape with people...
Gijsbrecht Leytens

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